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Yamaha Carbon Fiber CVT Greaseless Clutch Sliders Set BG4-17653-00 *Made in USA*

Yamaha X2/X4/RMAX BG4-17653-00-00


Yamaha Carbon Fiber Ultra Sliders - Generation 7
** MADE IN USA! ** - These are not manufactured in China like all others on the market!


Fits: Yamaha X2, X4 and RMAX
**These sliders are not direct copies of Yamaha's original sliders. They have been redesigned in order to slide easier with less friction, even when contaminated with dirt, dust or contaminated grease.
These are Sets of (8) aftermarket cam plate sliders


  • Packaged in sets of 8
  • Greaseless design (Can be used with grease)
  • Fits Yamaha X2/X4/RMAX style camplates, many clone designs
  • Proprietary self-lubricating Carbon Fiber, extreme strength
  • Up to 1,100,000 psi modulus tensile strength
  • Low friction, "slip-stick" reduced for improved clutching and torque transfer
  • Polymer Heat treating, hardens polymer and reduces friction further
  • Heat treated for over 20 hrs, ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C
  • Cryo stress relieved/polished
  • Ceramic outer coating
  • 100%  Proudly Made in USA
  • Patent Pending

We designed these sliders to compliment our already popular greaseless weight roller system. They function in both greaseless and greased clutches, stock or milled.


** Note: When installing the sliders onto the camplate, the "casting nub" faces downward or visible on the underneath side of the camplate. Do not "pinch" the slider to install it, it will break. They are not designed to ever be pinched during operation.


Please see my other listing for Yamaha 700, Viking, Wolverine Carbon Fiber Sliders


Yamaha X2/X4/RMAX Carbon Fiber CVT Greaseless Clutch Sliders

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