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My fascination on how mechanical devices worked and how their inner mechanisms functions began for me at a very early age. Raised by a single parent, I was required to become the head of household for many of the decisions in my family. I began inventing and creating new modifications at age 8. I then created my first company at age 12. I was popular in my community with people who needed something worked on or fixed. I was just a kid who had been forced to grow up too quickly, but I made the most of it.

From my fascination of mechanical things, engineering school was inevitable. Even with my talents, this was no easy journey. Balancing work with school was just as difficult for me as everyone else. Engineering usually means teams of people who work together to form a final outcome. Every once in awhile you have someone who moves in a different direction and at a different rate, who will break free and define a path for others to follow.

Giving Back

45 years ago I was given my first variable transmission. It was actually a Harley Davidson engine attached to a Yamaha continuously variable transmission. It was designed to work within a set of specifications for general production. But I found that I could modify it to work better and perform far beyond the original manufacturing. I loved snowmobiles and I found that I could easily modify the smaller ones to outperform the larger machines. This led to a clear advantage in racing. I think it was that path that lead me to where I am today. Yamaha Polaris Can Am CVT Clutch Lubrication TinkSeal | UTVengineering

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