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YAMAHA - ULTRAMATIC GREASE Substitute 1lbs. (16oz)


TinkSeal™ is Not a grease and that is why it works so well for this application. TinkSeal is made from both liquid and dry lubricants combined at an elevated temperature under pressure. It's a carrier system to get lubrication to the area where it is needed. It's not just a substitute for Yamaha Ultramatic grease, its a superior product!



** Can be directly used on all sliding CVT weights, both Yamaha and aftermarket weights

Lower friction resistance than Yamaha brand Ultramatic Grease

Can be used on all primary and secondary sliding surfaces (Yamaha brand requires the purchase of multiple grease products for their solution)

Increases the interval times between sheave maintenance and cleaning

Ultra High Pressure Lubricating Grease with Nano particle transfer

Yamaha recommends (90g) 3.1 ounces to be used inside the primary sheave

**Automotive greases are too heavy viscosity for normal sheave operation. Tinkseal™ Ultramatic has been modified to work directly in Yamaha sheaves

** If needed quickly, I strongly urge you choose to ship USPS Priority mail. Due to virus, all shipping is very slow.

TinkSeal was originally designed to lubricate between rubber/plastic surfaces and metal. Most lubricants simply cannot do this and will actually soften or dissolve some plastics. Lubricants typically allow two metal surfaces to float upon a thin layer of lubricant oil. TinkSeal is different in that the base oil is only a carrier for the Nano lubricants and atomized particles. The carrier allows the Nano particles to be embedded in the mating surfaces and lower the friction between them. Therefor when the grease consistency eventually disappears, the Nano particles continue to lubricate the joining surfaces. The metal becomes a “treated surface” instead of a lubricated one.

TinkSeal is now used by many off road racing companies for things like engine assembly and the manufacturing/repair of shocks. Three different shock companies, including an aftermarket Harley Davidson shock manufacturer. I use it on my cnc machine collets to keep them from sticking. Spark plug threads and exhaust bolts I don't want to seize, get a nice coating. I had an old door that squeaked. No matter what I lubricated it with, it would always squeak again after awhile. I put TinkSeal on the pins, one at a time. Door actually swings nicer now, no noise.


· UTVengineering proprietary additive package

· Nano particle transfer system

· Plastic, Rubber and Viton Safe

· Food Grade, H1 Base

· Non-drying formula, Constant Lubrication

· Low viscosity, high penetration

· Very low wash out performance

· Great on sliding parts, bushings and bearings

· White color, non-staining and allows wear indication

** Due to our success, there are now "Fake" TinkSeal products on the market which are marked far down in price. Do not purchase from these sellers, you will not be receiving real TinkSeal. Authorized sellers: UTVengineering, Hunterworks, WellerRacing. >> Just a quick update on TinkSeal. Some customers are experiencing small paste like bits showing up in the tub when cold. This is normal and not a defect. We use ester wax as our viscosity improver instead of the traditional VI improver because ester is an actual lubricant and the other is not. Stir the TinkSeal in the tub and use it per normal. The ester will recombine during heat and pressure of normal use. If you have any questions, please feel free to post or pm us a message. Thank You! Customer Responces: *Product is great, holds well and seems to last. Easier to get than the big name brand. - Swamprooster06 *Good product - Kamakazeebob *Lightning fast shipping, highly recommend excellent ultramatic product - e40fonzie *Looks like it's going to work great. Thanks! - ehoffeeese *A+ Works awesome - trel4zyam ***Customer test summary:"I couldn't believe how smooth and quiet the CVT operated.


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