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Works in Yamaha Wolverine RMAX X2 and X4
These are custom machined stainless steel shims.

Increases low end torque out of your CVT clutch system!

  •     2 stainless steel shims total.
  •     Kit contains 2 shims; 0.5mm
  •     Can be used individual or stacked to create multiple stack heights
  •     Each 0.5mm shim is about a 7.5% reduction in gearing. We do not recommend greater than 1.5mm of shim or 22.5% reduction in gearing.


Need a different mix of shims? Message us, we will work with you. We have been tuning clutches for over 35 years!

Thank You for your order!

Yamaha RMAX X2X4 CVT Clutch Shim Mod Kit

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