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Slippery Washers kit allows the secondary sheave to open and close without binding against the secondary spring. This will improve power delivery and reduce the wear to both your drive belt and sheave surfaces.
The extreme pressure from the secondary spring binds on the new rubber vulcanized spring cups. This causes the spring to bind and not release every time the secondary sheaves open and close (normal shifting).  Our thrust washer system allows normal operation of the cvt clutch system. The spring cup is allowed to rotate, increasing all of the CVT component lifespans, as well as having consistent spring pressure while shifting.

Fits Yamaha RMAX X2/X4 Vehicles
  • New 3 piece Carbon Fiber/Steel design
  • 820,000 psi tensile modulus (ability to crush the trust washers)
  • Improves clutch efficiency, less heat and more power delivery
  • Improves acceleration, less belt slipping
  • Improves back shifting
  • Prevents Spring Bind, sheaves close evenly without jumping from spring pressure
  • Helps to prevent spring cup damage
  • Fits all RMAX Vehicles
  • Fits X2/X4 Vehicles
  • Patent Pending Status (Utility/Design)
Kit includes:
1 Stainless Steel Thrust Washer
2 Carbon Fiber Thrust Washers.
Install directions sheet

Yamaha RMAX X2/X4 CVT Slippery Washers

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