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Velocity CVT Weights - 23 grams + 8 Carbon Fiber Camplate sliders + 1mm shim (%15 reduction in gearing)

Works in Yamaha RMAX 2/4


** We hold both Utility and Design Patents on our weights


** Note: When installing the sliders onto the camplate, the "casting nub" faces downward or visible on the underneath side of the camplate. Do not "pinch" the slider to install it. They are not designed to ever be pinched during operation.


Our weights can be used in clutches with grease or dry. We suggest trying TinkSeal if you plan to use in grease.


  • 8 weights included + 8 Carbon Fiber Camplate sliders
  • NEW Ceramic outer coating lubricates sheave, seriously reduces wear!
  • NEW Heat Treatment to produce harder, denser material and decreased friction!
  • Outlasts all others on the market! Lasts up to 10 times longer than stock weights!
  • 1st True greaseless weight system, no more messy grease, hose out your sheave to clean.
  • Low friction coefficient, Near zero "slip-stick" improved clutching and torque transfer!
  • Proprietary self-lubricating PMAP poly metal alloy composite
  • Ultra wear resistance, No abrasive fillers that wear out sheaves, out lasts regular rollers
  • Heavy polymer thickness for longer wear, won't split and jam clutches like stock rollers
  • Non-crushing design, High tensile strength
  • High temp, Thermally conductive, Tested to 400°F
  • Protected weight design, metallic weighting will not rub on sheave
  • Patent Pending
  • CNC Precision machined, Not injection molded like others
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA!
  • Combines perfectly with our "Greaseless Cam Sliders"
** I added a 1mm shim to the weight kit. You will pull the collar off and place the shim on the shaft. Then place the collar back on. This will boost your low end. **


*Please note that Yamaha uses grease in their clutches for noise reduction. Greaseless rollers will make a small clicking noise upon first startup when the rollers fall into place. After they are pressed firmly against the cam plate, they are locked down and free of noise. This is perfectly normal and does not cause harm to the sheave nor the greaseless roller in any way. Adding grease to your vehicles sheave creates a sticky, nasty mess that eventually becomes abrasive and solid like concrete. Greaseless rollers eliminate this problem.


Explanation Video: Please visit us at Hunterworks on Youtube


Purchase 2 or more sets and I will ship Priority free!


We offer a 30 day return guarantee on unused and unopened items.

Yamaha RMAX 23g Clutch Weight Rollers Kit

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