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Yamaha Rhino 660, Wet Clutch Slug Kit 2004-2007

Wet Slug kit reduces clutch slippage. Brass weights allow the Yamaha Rhino 660 to provide more grip through the clutch making it last longer as well as transferring more torque to get the tires moving.

  •  Easy to install
  •  Increases horsepower
  •  Reduces clutch slippage
  •  Increase wet clutch lifespan
  •  *New over-sized 660 slugs provide even higher performance
  •  *Red brass alloy provides additional torque compared to similar designs
  •  Kit includes 5 micro-polished brass slugs\
  • **Made in USA**

Adding weight to the internal wet clutch causes the friction shoes to engage with more force.  This increases the holding power of the clutch shoes to the clutch drum, reduces wear caused by clutch slippage, and is a must for high horsepower engines,  four-seaters, Duners, and mud guys with big tires. Combined with a Hunterworks machined sheave kit will maximize your vehicles acceleration and power!

** Warning** Do not purchase Chinese wet clutches! The friction material tends to come off in large pieces and will clog your oil galleries. We have seen engines destroyed by this. Buy only Yamaha OEM wet clutches and add our weights to them, they will last far longer than originally intended. 

Yamaha Rhino 660, Wet Clutch Slug Kit 2004-2007 - **Made in USA**

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