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UTVengineering's answer to consistent, efficient belt tension while allowing the maximum power curve to top speed release. Not your average ATV spring here, these have been custom created for performance. Seriously, these springs are tough, the "Chuck Norris" of ATV/UTV springs. Heat and pressure will fade ATV/UTV clutch springs over time. Our springs yield more consistent CVT shifts over longer periods of time.

*** New Green Spring, intermediate between purple and gold, more power without strong back shift of gold! ***

  • Fits: Yamaha 450/660/700 Rhinos, Viking 700, 400/450/700 Kodiak, 450 Wolverine, Grizzly (all except 350)
  • Linear Compression 198/320 lbs
  • Mil spec AISI 9260T
  • Heat and Cryo-freeze treatments, ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C
  • Mechanically compressed multiple times for consistency
  • Green powder coat for weight designation and corrosion protection
  • Combines perfectly with our "Slippery Washers"
  • 100% Manufactured in the United States

We believe a product should be created with superior quality in mind, one that you buy one time and lasts. Something you feel proud to have on your vehicle. That's how our Grandfathers did it, that's how we do it!

Yamaha ATV/UTV Secondary Driven Clutch Spring Green YDS10

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