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** We have sold over 200,000 of our rollers to customers and aftermarket Polaris clutch manufactures, including Hunterworks, worldwide. There are many imitation rollers on the market who attempt to compete with your roller design.  Many of them are priced higher than ours. We do not price gouge our customers.
Fits years 2016 - 2021. Please see our other roller listings for earlier models at

Replaces Square Clutch Pucks - 3514926

Upgraded - High Strength Rust-free Lock Pins

  •     1 Year Full Warranty
  •     Now with NEW heat treating, denser and stress relieved
  •     2 Rollers Set, 2 Pins Included, Upgraded Rust-free Locking Pins Included
  •     New Nano Ceramic Particle Transfer, Coats Clutch Parts During Use!
  •     Extremely Low Coefficient of Friction
  •     STOPS Square pucks from wearing out your secondary!
  •     Fully Replaces Faulty Square Pucks 3514926
  •     Smaller gap between clutch face and roller, reduces clutch slap
  •     Fits XP 1000 2016-2020
  •     Fits 2016-2020 900 All Models
  •     Fits 2016-2020 XP4 and High Lifter
  •     Fits 2017-2020 Ranger 1000 with EBS
  •     High Temp Rollers, tested to +400 degrees
  •     High lubricity for smooth movement
  •     Lasts Far Longer than stock pucks
  •     Faster Back Shifting
  •     Patent Pending
  •     CNC Precision Machined in the USA, not injection molded like others
  •     For replacement of outer pucks only
  • Polaris Extreme Secondary Clutch Rollers - Outside Only
**** Due to our success, there are now "Fake" UTVengineering products on the market which have even stolen our pictures. Do not purchase from these sellers, you will not be receiving genuine products. UTVengineering and Hunterworks are Authorized retailers.

**** UTVengineering is the direct manufacture of these rollers for companies such as Hunterworks and Polaris. Please do not call Hunterworks and demand the same sales offers we provide on Ebay. Thank you. ****

** If needed quickly, I strongly urge you choose to ship USPS Priority mail. Due to virus, all shipping is very slow.

^^^ Order two or more and get free Priority Shipping!~

Polaris Rollers Rzr/Ranger/General 2016-2022 1000/900 Secondary Clutch w/ Pins

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