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GearButter "Smooth as Butter" Oil additive is a concentrated, extreme overkill metal treatment system. No other product on the market packs so many nanolubricants into a small bottle.
  • Lowers Friction
  • Removes "Sticktion"
  • Reduces Gear Wear
  • Increases Power
  • Increased Mileage
  • Quiets Gear Noise
  • Cooler Temperatures
  • Safely Removes Oxide Buildup
  • Coats Metal Surfaces, Protects Dry Starts
  • Safe For Use on All Portals, Gear Boxes, Transfer Cases
  • Made in the USA
Directions: Shake upside down, extremely well until uniform mixture is established. Add 2 ounces of GearButter per quart of gear oil.
Not for use with wetcluches or with transmissions containing clutch packs.


For wetclutch type transmissions, please view our "EngineButter" listing.
Add to cold gear oil. If the engine or transmission has been warmed, wait for engine to cool down again.
**One of my colleagues once told me my additives were snake oil. I asked him, why would I sell snake oil and put my reputation on the line? I also said that my little 8 ounce bottle had more nanolubricants and esters in it than a Half Gallon bottle of Diesel Brothers, which sells for $90!

GearButter "Smooth as Butter" Oil additive

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