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EngineButter "Smooth as Butter" Oil additive
  • Lowers Friction
  • Removes "Sticktion"
  • Reduces Engine and Gear Wear
  • Increases Power
  • Increased Mileage
  • Quiets Gear Noise
  • Cooler Temperatures
  • Highly Visible under a UV lamp

  • Safely Removes Engine Buildup
  • Coats Metal Surfaces, Protects Dry Starts
  • Safe For Wet Clutches
Directions: Shake well until uniform mixture is established. Add 2 ounces of EngineButter per quart of cold motor oil.
Safe for wetclutches or with transmissions containing clutch packs.
Please visit our "GearButter" listing for geared transmissions without wetclutches.
Add to cold motor oil. If engine has been warmed, wait for engine to cool down again.
***Customer Review:
I liked my results of these products so much that I wanted to test the Engine Butter in my daily driver truck.
It's a 09' Honda Ridgeline 3.5L V6 with 115K miles.
I added the Engine Butter during my last oil change. On day #3, I noticed the engine was running smoother and more responsive.
I also noticed that I didn't need to stop for fuel as I normally had to, which was a break from my normal routine.
I decided to track the mileage. This vehicle has averaged 18 mpg since new and has never changed no matter what octane I ran.

I'm very meticulous with my oil services and I've ran the same full synthetic oil that I've always used.
I added the recommended amount of Engine Butter w/ my last service.
On day #3, I noticed a significant improvement in responsiveness to throttle inputs. The engine also ran smoother.
Since my routine fuel stops were interrupted, I decided to keep track of the mileage.
For the last 2 weeks, I've averaged 22 mpg vs the normal 18 mpg that this truck has averaged no matter what octane I've tried.

So a quick summary...
~Engine is running smoother.
~Significant improvement in throttle responsiveness and power gain.
~Average of 22 mpg vs 18 mpg.

I'm ecstatic with my results and will add Engine Butter to my other vehicles.
Your results may vary, but I look forward to the results from my other vehicles.

EngineButter "Smooth as Butter" Oil additive

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